Dates: 22 December ~ 19 January
Capricorn Background

Career & Work

Capricorn In Career & Work

As Capricorns are very ambitious, they are very serious and dedicated about their careers. They will work tirelessly to complete their task and fulfill their duties and responsibilities. They are thorough about their work and will make sure that they will complete it with high precision and good quality. As long as they are convinced that their hard work is not going to go as a waste, they will make sure that they will give 100% to their work.

They are very careful in decisions making and most of the time their decisions are fruitful. Some of the best career options for them are government services, banking, finance, medicine, managers, accountants, producers, news anchor, art dealers, engineers etc. They are very responsible and highly trustworthy.

As a colleague and worker they are some of the best and most sincere and dedicated. They are highly committed, patient, and consistent. Once they begin something, they will not rest until they complete it. When others have left midway, they are the ones who last till the end. In careers they prefer status, power, position and authority. They do not like working with too many people and need calm atmosphere to let their intelligence flourish.

They are exclusive about their work and maintain very high standards. They like to use their common sense in work to achieve best results. Capricorn males are more hardworking and patient in jobs than Capricorn females. They are some of the best workers an employer can have.


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