Dates: 22 December ~ 19 January
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Capricorn Horoscope Today

Friday: February 19, 2021

Get after it today, Capricorn. You’ve got everything you need to get yourself organized and cross things off your work agenda today. This is possible as the quick-thinking Gemini moon aligns with secure Saturn. Tensions around relationship matters permeate the day, as cosmic companions, Venus and Mars, find themselves in a squabble. This union can either rock the boat romantically or send sparks flying.

Capricorn Horoscope Tomorrow

Saturday: February 20, 2021

Capricorns tend to be productive without even realizing they’re being productive. Saturday’s skies give you the chance to get down to work and make strides on whatever needs accomplishing, as the quick-thinking Gemini moon helps you handle a variety of tasks. Elsewhere, Mercury finalizes its retrograde dance and begins to move direct, helping sort out any details that went awry around your finances in recent weeks.

Capricorn Horoscope Yesterday

Thursday: February 18, 2021

Over the last month, you’ve been closely tending to your resources, Capricorn. It’s been important for you to ruminate over your skills and embrace a new approach to handling your finances. Today brings an important shift away from this energy, as the sun moves forward into poetic Pisces. The month ahead focuses on education, communication, and addressing your mental health.


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