Dates: 22 December ~ 19 January
Capricorn Background

In Love

Capricorn In Love

Capricorns are serious individuals, hence they take love and relationships seriously. They tend to be the dominant partner in any relationships. They do not believe in short flings and usually go for long term commitments. For them stability and solidity means a lot in relationships. They do not easily express their feelings and take time to choose their partners. Only after weighing all the options they will decide to commit.

They are willing to learn from their mistakes in relationships. They are loyal and trustful in their relationships and are very dedicated to their partners. They are very protective and affectionate lovers who display elegant and sophisticated love. When in trouble they can be very comforting partners who are always willing to share a part of your pain.

They will never leave their partner alone, whether in happy or difficult times. They are the ones to stay in relationships much longer than anyone else. For them love is pure and sacred and hence they do not believe in public display of affection.

Sometimes they become restless in relationships. They are attracted to people who are in position of power and have higher status. In matter of love and relationships Capricorns are highly compatible with cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo and less compatible with Aries, Leo, Gemini and Sagittarius.


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